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Our Vision For Ukraine

Our vision was to create a great-tasting gin that embodied the key elements of Ukraine and New Zealand all whilst raising much-needed money for the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis. We came to our friends at The National Distillery Company with our idea, to help us turn our gin into a reality.  

The national flower of Ukraine is the Sunflower and we wanted to incorporate it as a botanical, so we have toasted Sunflower seeds to release the subtle nutty flavour. For the New Zealand element, we have used Harakeke, New Zealand Native Flax Seed, which adds a note of pepper. The national spice of Ukraine is Anise. Very different from its relative Star Anise, it adds a hint of spice like no other. A gin that can be enjoyed with Tonic, Ginger Ale, or the mixer of your choice.

All Profits Straight To Ukraine

We wanted to partner with a charity where we could see that they were making a difference. This is why we have chosen New Zealand-based charity, Relief Aid, as 97% of all funds raised goes directly to the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis. 

Relief Aid is currently on the ground already delivering aid to some of the hardest hit villages, like Bucha. In some cases, they were the first aid agency to get much-needed aid to the people of Ukraine.

Take a look at their Facebook and Instagram to see the difference they are making to the people of Ukraine.

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