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About Us

I love Gin! The problem that I had was every time I finished a bottle, I had to make the decision on what my next bottle was going to be. I was tired of being constrained by the limited choices at my local bottle store, so I started to look online. This is where I discovered a multitude of gins that New Zealand has on offer! I wanted to try them all, but it was always so hard to decide which one to try next.

As each new bottle would arrive, I was excited for the experience of trying something new. I would rave to friends about this new gin that recently arrived and would invite them to come over for a glass. I became passionate about sharing my experience, but when the bottle was empty, I was left with the task of picking another bottle from the variety of gins New Zealand produces.

I had seen on social media people asking for recommendations to help them make a choice of what to try next. I then thought what if I provided a monthly subscription of gins and other products with the emphasis on promoting all the different artisan producers that we have here in New Zealand. was born!

Having a background in sales and procurement I have a great passion in promoting and sourcing different products. I also love the idea of receiving a box full of surprises every month. Bringing people together and experiencing new tastes and combinations that they otherwise wouldn’t have tried.

Join me and the family at on the journey through everything that craft gin has to offer. Each month we will create a unique experience with craft gin, accompany mixers, snacks, complementing products and other things that every gin lover needs.

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