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Gin Supporting Ukrainian Mothers In Ruins

Our vision was to create a great tasting gin that embodied the key elements of Ukraine and New Zealand all whilst raising much needed money for the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis.

The national flower of Ukraine is the Sunflower and we wanted to incorporate it as a botanical, so we have toasted Sunflower seeds to release the subtle nutty flavor. For the New Zealand element we have used Harakeke, New Zealand Natvie Flax Seed, which adds a note of pepper. The national spice of Ukraine is Anise. Very different to its relative Star Anise, it adds a hint of spice like no other. A gin that can be enjoyed with Tonic, Ginger Ale or the mixer of your choice.

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How excited would you be to receive a bottle of gin at your door each month? It's like having a celebration each month with a surprise!

At Gin Lovers it goes without saying that we love gin! We want to share with you all the different flavours of New Zealand craft gin. With so many gin distilleries in NZ it's hard to decide what gin to try next. We will solve that problem for you! Each month we will surprise you with a wrapped, hand selected bottle of New Zealand craft gin and complementing mixers.


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Is there any better gift than the gift of Gin? Well, we certainly don't think there is. A Gin Subscription or one off box is the perfect present for that special Gin lover in your life.


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